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Integrative Full-Spectrum Wellness Therapies

Rise Beyond Dreams believes that medicine is not a perfect science but that in combination with other integrative solutions, it can provide miraculous outcomes. By alleviating side-effects we don't interfere with chemo or various other treatments and we can allow the power of the mind and doctors to focus on healing the body. We find this very exciting because everyday new technologies are invented for problems we struggle with.

Many medications and chemotherapy treatments are very high in heavy metals and toxins. These toxins reside in our tissue and can hinder physical rehabilitation. We give you easy to follow plans to cleanse your body and reach your peak health, we also research and implement brand new technologies. Let us know if you would like to learn more. 

Years of research and data have been collected to alleviate symptoms and side effects, all of which are evidence based ways of managing stress and side-effects caused by various treatments. "Everyday new technologies are discovered, old ones are confirmed and we have new exciting ways to provide healing." We are dedicated to researching new and old evidence based technologies that assist in realigning the body back to it's innate ability to heal. These fundamental characteristics produce outstanding results for a multitude of ailments. Working closely with many hospitals, we are able to provide integrative solutions to many different ailments without interfering with treatment protocols. 

"Shoot for the moon...cause even if you miss you'll land among the stars!"   

Les Brown
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Disclaimer: This is an integrative solution to a few ailments not a treatment. There is no FDA approval but numerous testimonies have been found this to relieve arthritis, bladder infections, cholesterol, colds, heart disease, upset stomach, gas, immune system, indigestion, influenza, pimples, weight loss, fatigue, cancer, hearing loss, bad breath, skin infections and fatigue. Please consult a physician.