Don't fear, the beginning is the hardest.  The cruel awakening of reality...the accident...
the dr. appointment, the diagnosis and finally the realization that your life will never be the same...
The Roadmap
    The Roadmap is a timeline of events including surgeries and medicines meant to be used as a guideline to follow.  It's purpose is to set achievable goals towards a healthy recovery.  It provides an overall layout of the medicines and procedures that will benefit your survival
Depending on your diagnosis...your Roadmap may vary from another's greatly.   
- It is important to review each and every medicine that is going to be administered, keep in mind there is a ying to every yang, each beneficial medicine may have highly adverse effects.
 - Look for allergenic medicines that may need to be supplemented or replaced.  
 - Do not let all of this information overwhelm is merely an action plan, it is extremely important only to focus on each day.  
Day One - Induction
...after diagnosis you begin your own personal journey on the roadmap specifically designed for you. Beginning treatment is very difficult...the surprise, the confusion, concern, love, regret, anxioty, anger, desporation.  
We help keep the situation calm, so everyone has a feeling comfort and reassurance, we teach how to accept the situation as is, while continually focusing on each future step.  
 This process of adaptation is made easier by having us teach you how to accept the situation and how to prepare yourself for the future.  If you are beginning your therapy please contact us and we will work with you one-on-one!