The Lotus Flower rises from the depths of a muddy swamp holding it's breathe and fighting for it's life.  It blooms beautifully when it reaches the surface.  This symbolizes our human spirit's rising from the depths of uncertainty and despair to a new way of living, in passion, abundance and wisdom.

We believe that through the difficult process we can transform our to new heights we never imagined were possible before.  With a new drive and new attitude of gratefulness. 

Tell us about your story and how your have risin' above the circumstances your faced, or are facing right now.

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Our Vision: A life threatening diagnosis disrupts the quality of life for everyone involved.  Through our experienced mentors we assist you in dealing with stress, finances, rebalancing your life and strengthening the bonds of everyone involved by recognizing that the experiences will help each other live a life beyond our wildest dreams.                                                          
                              Get your life back on Track!
                                 Re-ignite your Passions!
                                     Secure your Future!
                                    Seize yours Dreams!



Darlene - Mother of Chelsea Grimes
"Chelsea my daughter is cancer free now. I watched your 9 min video when Chelsea was first diagnosed, and I just watched it again now that we are done with all the chemo and madness...your video took on a whole new meaning - you are really empowering the loved ones of the people who experience the trauma, not just the people themselves - which is very meaningful and I want you to know that I support you and Rise Beyond Dreams whole heartedly. Thank you."

Astor - Aunt of Mark Darren
"I am so touched and humbled with your heartfelt concern and desire to help Mark and the family in our greatest time of need. All the information you are providing is very valuable to all of us. We are so fortunate to have angels on earth to advise us and help us through these difficult times. You are our source of strength and hope."