We refer to all survivors as Hospital Alumni.  Just because they experience a traumatic event does not mean that is who they are.  Rather it is more like an education...a diploma earned in life.  After this diploma is earned...we can all be empowered to regain our passions, dreams and aspirations.

Even though Dennis faced many tragedies along his journey, he says "every tragedy is a gift, every coin has a flip side, every dark cloud has a silver-lining" He also emphasizes that, "it is not what happens to you that makes you who you are, it is how you perceive and handle the situation at hand."

He believes that the miracles he faced and the triumphs he made enabled him to use his abilities and experiences to bring forth a new awareness. He is now spreading his message across multiple platforms...including writing, speaking, and serving as an example.

"Rise Beyond Dreams" was created by Dennis, while he was laying in the hospital bed hearing the doctors tell him that his life may never be the same...after the drs left he told his family, "the doctor is order to overcome this I must create a future better then my current one, I must rise beyond my dreams."

He has overcome every challenge presented to him with an inspiring and refreshing perspective and a determined spirit.  He has dedicated his life to assisting you and strongly believes that survivors have an awareness and determination that is astonishing to those who have not faced death.

He is also available for book signings, video interviews, speaking engagements, events of all kinds, even life-wisdom coaching!

Check out his Best Selling book, "Mission Unstoppable".