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Posted by 1 on 12-Dec-2017 at 18:38:52 EST
Subject: 1

Posted by Abbie Stillman on 28-Sep-2017 at 13:17:01 EST
Subject: Pushing Through for the Kids

It is not easy keeping positive when enduring traumatic events. Especially when your child's life is at stake. Children need to see that you have not given up, that you are fighting and enduring the situation to the best of your abilities. You must demonstrate to them the importance of honesty and perseverance. When in a desperate situation, the best thing you can do for your children is shower your love onto them. Tell them everything is going to be okay. Regardless how you are feeling. Children pick up on emotions very easily so keep whatever negativity you are experiencing at bay when in their presence. Show your children how to push through, how to endure and keep looking for the silver lining. <br>When the other parent is a dangerous person, you are likely flooded with feelings of anger and aggression towards them. Do not let hear or see this. It confuses the child and leads them to believe something is wrong with as well if you are complaining about the other parent. This is not healthy for them emotionally. You must learn how to explain to your children, when the time is appropriate, that they are not responsible for the other parents actions. Explain the situation and emphasize how wonderful they are and how much you love them. They will love and respect you for that as oppose to bashing the other parent. Kids are much smarter than most of us think; so feed them healthy, loving information.

Posted by 1 on 14-Aug-2017 at 18:14:22 EST
Subject: 1

Posted by Abbie Stillman on 30-Mar-2017 at 14:29:57 EST
Subject: Keep on Keeping on

Ever feel like you're just trying and trying and nothing works? You spend so much time and effort trying desperately to change your situation and nothing you try makes even the smallest difference? People say 'keep your head up, you got this', that doesn't help. That is their way of saying, I've got nothing to say that will help so just keep going. One day, I don't know when, but one day, everything will be different and all this insanity will be a distant memory.

Posted by Dennis WG Kolb on 30-Mar-2017 at 14:10:02 EST
Subject: Couldn't be...

3-30-17<br><br>The doctor enters the hospital room. Silence overcomes everyone as they await the test results. Her solemn state reveals the answer before her mouth even opens. The devastating news fills the room and the family's tears begin to well from deep within. <br><br>All of his hopes, his dreams and his life desires are now secondary to survival. An empty vacuum consumes his thoughts of the future.<br><br>Have you been surprised by diagnosis that changed your life? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a diagnosis? Have you ever felt helpless while a loved one must fight for their life?